Thermal-Tech Sp. z o.o is a leading manufacturer of insulation for industrial applications. The company’s experience and professionalism give rise to a brand which is recognised by even the most demanding customers. The offer of Thermal-Tech also includes top quality insulation mattresses suited for use with all types of installations. Insulation mattresses ensure protection of devices and installations and also guarantee safety in the context of land and sea activities, the cooling industry, energy and petrochemical production.

The applications of thermal insulation mattresses

Thermal insulation mattresses serve one very important function. They can be used in areas of extremely difficult accessibility. They are used in the places where traditional insulation can not be installed. The mattresses are manufactured in all shapes and sizes which enables effective insulation virtually anywhere. They are also lightweight and easy to install which makes it possible to real the insulated elements any time and without any complicated work.

The main application of thermal insulation mattresses is gas and steam turbines, insulation of industrial installations and also fittings on ships and drilling platforms.

The structure of thermal insulation mattresses

Thermal insulation mattresses are made of high quality insulating materials. The core material is covered with specialised fabric depending on the customer’s requirements. The most common material is teflon, aluminium and glass fibre. The material fastened with the use of thermo-resistant thread. Thermal insulation mattresses made of teflon, aluminium and glass fibre guarantee top quality insulation, protection against physical damage as well as work safety.

The thermal insulating mattresses by Thermal-Tech are manufactured in all dimensions and shapes, and what is more, they can be installed and dismantled easily. All our products are made from inflammable fabrics, resistant to external and chemical factors. The fabrics, which our mattresses are manufactured from, include no substances that could be harmful for the environment, and are compliant with fire-protection requirements – A1 material class. Their characteristic features embrace excellent resistance to high temperatures, reaching even 1200 Celsius degrees.

The shape, size and thickness of mattresses as well as the installation method are selected according to technical specification provided by the client.
Our complex service, starting from dimensioning, through realization, delivery, to the installation, makes our clients certain that the work has been done reliably and professionally.

Main advantages of thermal insulating mattresses:

  • resistance to weather conditions
  • resistance to chemical substances
  • easiness of installation and removal
  • high flexibility
  • application on irregular surfaces

Thermal insulating mattresses are manufactured from glass-fiber fabrics:

  • not coated
  • coated: with silicone, Teflon or aluminum

The applied filling material is:

  • mineral wool
  • white wool
  • glass mat
  • aerogel

All mounting elements: hooks, pads, staples, shackles, are manufactured from stainless steel.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you! We guarantee a professional product, advice, design, delivery and installation.

Thermal insulating mattresses
Thermal insulating mattresses
Thermal insulating mattresses