Spray water insulation (polyurea)

Sprayed polyurea water insulation is the two-compound, solvent-free high-quality coating applied on the following surfaces:

  • metal (steel, aluminium, trapezoidal steel sheet)
  • concrete (or other cement and structural)
  • wood
  • polyurethane insulating foams

Polyurea coating is the fast-hardenable seamless coating, used at the locations where the construction protection against water and high mechanical strength of the water insulation is required.

Thermal – Tech specializes in making water insulating coating using polyurea elastomer on:

  • concrete containers, basins, ponds, tanks, dams, channels, tunnels, pipes, wells
  • manufacturing and storage facilities, shopping centers, multi-storey parking yards
  • protective surfaces of concrete bridges that prevents against salt
  • floors and walls at high-humidity locations and exposure to the caustic liquids
  • anti-corrosion coatings for metal: internal and external coatings for steel containers, silos and pipes, bridges, piles, poles, decks and marine industry
  • power engineering
  • coatings for trucks and other automotive applications, foam elements, protection systems
  • process water tanks, confectionery shortening tanks, potable water tanks, liquid paraffin tanks, waste treatment tanks
  • platform carriages, dump wagons, vehicles used for the transportation of corn, coal, fertilizers and other mass loads
  • industrial flooring
  • transport
  • slaughterhouse, piggeries, inventory facilities
  • hotels, and theme parks
Spray water insulation - swimming pools
Spray water insulation - polyurea

The most important features of polyurea water insulations:

  • 100% of solid components it does not contains any dissolvents and volatile substances
  • short response time (6-10 s)
  • flexibility and elasticity
  • it protects against cracks
  • high tensile strength
  • wide range of working temperatures without mechanical parameters change
  • completely water-resistant

Features of the polyurea elastomer that distinguish it among other protective coatings are:

  • perfect mechanical and strength parameters (e.g. perfect ability of recoverable deformations thanks to which the membrane can be installed on the damaged and scratched surfaces)
  • high resistance to mechanical damages (tears, scratches, wear)
  • possibility to apply it on surface of any shape
  • good adherence to various kinds of surface (including steel and concrete)
  • perfect resistance to water and moisture (including waste water and seawater)
  • resistance to biological contamination (microorganisms) and chemical contamination (sulphurous acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphorous acid, petrol and fats)
  • protection against leaking of the insulation layer
  • very good resistance to aggressive weather conditions, including UV radiation
  • stability within the wide temperatures range
  • possibility to apply in contact with potable water
  • insulated surfaces cleanness maintenance without any problems
  • short time of task realization