Sound insulations

Industry makes use of countless devices. Safety of work is key in achieving high efficiency. Comfort of work is no less important. Many devices generate noise which often exceeds acceptable limits. Modern industrial technology makes it possible to insulate sound. Acoustic insulation reduces to a minimum the transmission of sound from devices and ensures safety and comfort of work.

Protection against excessive noise

The noise which is generated during the operation of devices is suppressed by means of acoustic insulation. Acoustic barriers manufactured by Thermal-Tech are an advanced piece of technology which meets all the relevant requirements in the area of durability, efficiency and environmental safety. The acoustic insulation systems, as well as their installation, utilise modern technologies and meet all the DIN and ISO standards applicable in the European Union.

The scope of our work covers:

  • blowers
  • channels
  • turbines
  • filters
  • aggregate units
  • fans
  • screens

and other devices that generate excessive noise.

Thermal-Tech also specialises in the design and execution of modern acoustic insulation solutions for both heavy and light industry. These technologies increase industrial safety and minimise the transmission of harmful acoustic waves.

Thermal-Tech is also an expert in the field of fire insulation which constitutes another extremely important element in the functioning and safety of industry.

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