Industrial progress has its requirements. Each large or small factory, as well as power plants and thermal-electric power stations need specialised protection. Industrial insulation systems ensuring high durability and energy efficiency at the same time are key to appropriate protection of facilities and their components. The standards set by manufacturers of insulating materials are being raised all the time. Industrial insulation systems must meet various criteria. They must be durable, safe, resistant to external factors and adhere to strict environmental norms. The perfect insulation system must meet all these requirements.

Insulation of containers and pipelines

Pipelines and containers are among the most important and most frequently used components of industrial installations. Pipelines are used for the transmission of various types of energy carriers. Heat or cold contained in the substances transmitted by pipelines carries energy. Appropriately designed pipelines and containers require specialised insulation in order to minimise energy losses that occur in the transmission and storage of material. Insulation of pipelines and containers is the key to efficient functioning of industry.

Insulation of heating and cooling installations

Industrial insulation is now a standard element applied in the production and installation of process components. The food processing and storage industry is an extremely important branch at the moment. It requires perfect insulation of cooling installations. Insulation systems designed for industrial installations should be flawless as the proper choice of material and good performance ensure a significant reduction of energy losses, which results in greater efficiency.

Insulation based on polyurethane foam

There are numerous insulation solutions for industry at the moment. Engineers can now choose from a wide variety of insulating materials. The most important and most frequently used right now include rock wool, textile glass mat, foam glass and polyurethane foam. In comparison, the highest efficiency and durability is guaranteed by polyurethane foam, which makes it the most effective thermal insulator.

The main advantage of using polyurethane are:

  • chemical resistance to the majority of organic solvents
  • high mechanical strength
  • low water absorption
  • harmless for environment
  • low mass
  • it constitutes good soundproofness
industrial insulations of Thermal-Tech

Sprayed foam immediately swells and hardens and it strictly adheres the base and penetrates all the gaps.As distinct from other insulating materials, the phenomenon of thermal bridges is reduced down to the minimum.

We offer PUR foam insulations for:

  • tanks
  • pipelines
  • cooling and industrial installations
Industrial insulations pur foam
Insulation for industry with pur foam 2