Thermal-Tech Company specializes in preparation of scaffolding systems applied in industry and construction.

The scaffoldings utilized by our Company are universal and compliant with the strictest occupational health and safety standards.

Our offer covers the following types of scaffoldings:

  • modular
  • mobile
  • frame

Our assortment is composed of scaffoldings by Altrad Mostostal.

Modular scaffoldings


  • modular scaffolding compatible with the frame scaffolding (adjustable stands, connections, platforms, girders and other);
  • system installed on the same structural grid as the frame scaffoldings (length: 3.07; 2.57; 2.07; 1.57m, width: 0.73 and 1.09m);
  • apart from the frame system this system may be extended in any direction;
  • trays acting as a rotating system connection welded to the vertical stand pipes every 0.5m;
  • up to 8 transoms or bracings may be attached to one perforated ring;
  • final scaffolding shape obtained with the versatile wedge and transom system;
  • scaffolding grid dimensions maintained with the particular holes to accurately fit the transoms and maintain the proper angles.


  • industrial facilities with many systems, pipelines (refineries, shipyards etc);
  • as free-standing tower scaffoldings – shipbuilding, power engineering and other industries;
  • church towers;
  • as internal ceiling suspended platforms used for refurbishments;
  • installation of stages and stands in the cultural and entertainment event venues.

Mobile scaffoldings


  • complements and is an alternative to the frame and modular scaffoldings;
  • typical components used in the entire mobile scaffolding range so that the existing series may be extended;
  • working platform effective load capacity of up to 2 kN/m²;
  • max. working platform height should not exceed 12m in closed rooms and 8m outside the building;
  • scaffolding components made of steel (mobile beams, wheels) and aluminium (frames, bracings, rails, platforms);
  • high-grade aluminium makes the whole mobile scaffolding group light and extremely durable;
  • platforms made of waterproof plywood;
  • used castors of 200 and 125mm in diameter ensure efficient manoeuvring and the foot brake secures the scaffolding in the required position;
  • adjustable stands to precisely install the structure by accurate levelling;
  • versatile and extended mobile beams and supports ensure the structure stability;
  • aluminium frames including steps (ribbed steps to ensure safety when climbing the scaffolding);
  • self-clamping clips to install, disassemble and rebuild the scaffolding without any other tools – quickly and with no problems;
  • minimum space for storage and transport is another advantage.

Type of scaffolding

Platform dimensions (m)

Working platform height (m)

Working platform effective load capacity (kN/m2)


1,80 x 0,75


2 kN/m2

MP 600

1,80 x 0,75


2 kN/m2

MP 800

1,80 x 1,50


2 kN/m2

MP 1000

2,80 x 0,75


2 kN/m2

MP 2000

2,85 x 1,50


2 kN/m2


  • for construction and assembly works inside and outside of buildings – in each place where fast and frequent repositioning is important;
  • perfect for works connected with installations, air conditioning, finishing, protection against corrosion etc.

Frame scaffoldings


  • very fast and reliable rebuilding of construction structures;
  • frame scaffoldings are system scaffoldings with the longitudinal spacing of frames of: 3.07m; 2.57m; 2.07m; 1.57m and two standard transverse spacings of frame stands of 0.73m and 1.09m;
  • scaffolding structure allows to install the platforms vertically every 2.0m (standard solution) and to obtain other level heights by using the compensation frames and transverse transoms;
  • features high stability due to vertical and slant bracings and the system of anchors that secure the scaffolding to the building structure;
  • surrounding complex facilities by using the brackets (consoles) and girders;
  • simple and logic installation that ensures practical and safe structures;
  • system can be extended beyond 34m after an additional static analysis.


  • plastering;
  • painting;
  • increasing building thermal insulation;
  • heavy works such as: bricklaying and the version with the platform 1.09m wide allows to store the materials used during these works.
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