Tank insulation with polyurethane foam
22 March 2016
Low temperature insulation
21 March 2016
Industrial insulation -Aabenraa - Thermal-Tech

Aabenraa – Denmark

Project is a new facility – thermal power station, in the Aabenraa town.

We did:

  • thermal insulation of two stoves, insulation thickness 150 mm
  • thermal insulation of pipelines, insulation thickness 600 mm
  • sound insulation of chimney channel, insulation thickness 1000 mm
  • fire insulation of ceiling of the basement – 240m2
  • assembly of aluminium protection sheets of the insulation on the entire object – 10000 m2

Materials applied in the project:

  • mineral wool ULTIMATE ISOVER
  • lamella mat ISOVER
  • plates for fire insulation ISOVER
  • aluminium sheets