An insulation can be a very important part of an industrial plant. If it is made from carefully selected materials and if it is professionally applied, using the latest technologies, it can make an important contribution to the performance of the equipment in terms of safety, security or energy savings.

However, the insulation and the equipment it protects work together and the both are exposed to damage and subject to wear. So, also the insulation, as such, depends on adequate physical protection for its efficiency and durability. This means that, actually, the equipment gets two protective layers: the insulation and its shielding. Without an adequate shield, the insulation will never be as strong or efficient as it can be. This is why applying this additional “top finish” is essential.

Thermal-Tech has a fully equipped professional workshop for manufacture of a broad range of standard insulation components in many sizes. Taking advantage of skills of our experts, we also fabricate custom-tailored pieces in all shapes and sizes for even the most demanding or complex industrial requirements. Prefabrication of insulation components is one of our specialties.

Types of protective shields for insulation

Prefabrication of protective screens for insulation systems is one of the core businesses of Thermal-Tech. For this purpose, we have implemented the best available technologies and the latest European standards. Because metallic shields provide the most effective protection, we offer a wide range of plates made of aluminium, AluZinc-coated steel, stainless steel or acid-resistant steel. Such a metallic shield or shell will secure not only the insulation but also the underlying surface or equipment, improving its performance and extending its lifetime. Installing such protection for an insulation system is really important in industrial environments.

Insulation guards are manufactured from the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Aluminum resistant to seawater
  • Zinc coated sheets
  • Acid-resistant and Aluzinc steel
  • Steel sheets coated with lacquer (AFP)

We manufacture the following elements:

  • simple blankets
  • segment bends
  • tee connection pipes
  • symmetric reductions
  • full and divided plugs
  • flanged, coffer and fixture caps

Once you have decided to install an insulation system tailored to your industrial requirements, do not hesitate to protect your investment. And note that it is best to hire a team of professionals with huge experience, using the latest technologies, to do this important job.

insulation guards - prefabrication

Thanks to a perfectly equipped manufacturing workshop, we are capable of facing even the toughest tasks. Our offer comprises a wide range of elements and dimensions – even for highly complicated systems.

prefabrication of insulation guards