Fire insulation

Fire insulations for industrial installations is especially important.The industrial installation systems must be specially protected within the scope of the direct protection against the activity of high temperatures and fire.

fire insulation thermal-tech

The highest and full protection against ignitron is assured by A1 and A2 class. So, all the inflammable products that do not participate in the fire have insulation layers based on the mineral wool. Mineral wool in more than 90% consists of non-organic materials that are completely resistant to the extremely high temperatures.

Thermal -Tech offers the following systems of the passive fire protection:

  • fire protection of ventilating ducts
  • fire protection of installation passages
  • fire protections of steel and concrete structures
  • fire protections of channels and electrical penetrations

Thanks to the use of mineral or ceramic wool, we are able to insulate any industrial installations and systems preventing fire spread between installation sections.

Solutions offered by Thermal-Tech completely meet the current requirements by combining the warranty of the highest quality, full safety and efficient and fast assembly. We ensure comprehensive fire protection for steel structures in public utilities, residential facilities and in the industry.

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