Nowadays, energy saving has particular importance, mainly because of the rising prices of non-renewable resources. Therefore, polyurethane foam insulation brings durable and unbeatable saving of heat and bills costs, because the spray of foam reduces heat consumption by up to 60%..

With the method of spray, every recess is filled and this constitutes an uniform layer, free of thermal bridges. Spray of polyurethane foam facilitates the isolation of particularly complex structures characterized by irregular shapes. Additionally, due to its closed-cell structure, it does not absorb moisture, so you do not need to use ventilation slots.

Polyurethane foam insulation has been also approved for use in the food industry, which is the evidence of its non-toxicity and safety for people and the environment. Spray Insulation are not only conducive to power saving, but also allows you to maintain a healthy and hygienic atmosphere inside the facility.

The big advantage of the foam is that during dismantling it can be reprocessed and used again. It is not a nourishment for insects and rodents. Moreover, it is completely neutral to damaging factors such as: fungi, molds, bacteria.

modern methods of insulation
modern methods of insulation