Polyurethane foam reduces the energy consumption due to:

  • high value of R coefficient
  • elimination of air infiltration
  • it helps to control the humidity and condensation of water steam
  • it reduces convection currents in walls and on the loft
  • it eliminates the necessity to use wind insulation
  • it is efficient in low and high temperatures
  • it ensures appropriate environment and this makes the ventilating system more efficient
  • it minimizes problem of dew point and water steam condensation
Building insulation with PUR foam -Benefit

Additional benefits are as follows:

  • close-cell foam bonds the entirety of facility structure and this makes it more resistant to external environment: storms, whirlwinds
  • it reduces noise from the outside
  • it ensures an additional barrier against water penetration
  • it limits draughts
  • it allows to maintain comfort and fixed temperature within the entire facility

Health advantages:

  • it improves the quality of air
  • it reduces the infiltration of external contaminations of air and gases
  • it reduces condensation of humidity and development of mould in walls of the building and in the roof

Environmental advantages:

  • it helps to save energy by reducing CO2 emission
  • it is a very good solution for power saving buildings
  • it does not contain substances that damage ozone layer