Anti corrosion preservation

Corrosion is a destructive process which results in the erosion of materials, predominantly based on steel. Chemical reactions and electro-chemical, physical and microbiological processes taking place on the surface of the material cause permanent damage. Preventing corrosion and securing material against erosion is extremely important. Protection and maintenance is a must in each branch of industry. The most modern method of protecting new and renovated structures is covering their components with protective coating.

Thermal-Tech specialises in anti-corrosion protection of steel structures as well as industrial installations and containers. These measures eliminate the risk of corrosion. Effective protection against corrosion prevents high losses.

The dangers of corrosion

Corrosion is an extremely dangerous process which influences not only material, but can also sometimes affect humans. Statistical data indicate that corrosion destroys 25 million tonnes of steel every year! The erosion of this material leads to enormous financial losses. Corrosion of steel structures also threatens the life and health of humans. Corrosion reduces the stability of steel structures (e.g. bridges, building components) which may, in an extreme situation, lead to a disaster. Appropriate protection eliminates the risk of corrosion. In order to achieve this, appropriate maintenance and on-going conservation of elements exposed to corrosion are necessary.

Apart from corrosion protection, Thermal-Tech offers insulation systems for industry and construction. Take a look at our offer!