Company insulation Thermal-Tech – Insulation for industry and construction

Insulation company Thermal-Tech operates in the field of complex preparation of thermal insulation: protecting from heat, cold, noise and fire. Thanks to our specialist equipment, we also provide services in the area of open- and closed-cell polyurethane foam spraying.
Our offer includes services related to insulation techniques for chemical, energetic, refining, manufacturing, shipyard and food industries as well as for commercial and family construction sector.

We have been operating on the market since 2007 as a trading and service company, providing services in the scope of insulation techniques. Our services are directed to enterprises, which appreciate professionalism, timely completion of works and high quality.
We guarantee the highest quality of provided services – because this is the only way, which we can meet our clients’ expectations in.

Our team of highly-skilled workers is composed of almost fifty persons, with extensive experience in preparation of various types of thermal insulation.
While acting progressively, we are capable of a quick response towards the transforming insulation market, what makes us competitive when compared with other companies.

We work in compliance with ISO 9001 standards and contemporary norms for thermal insulation.
Our thermal insulation materials meet all Polish and European standards.

We realize all projects in a comprehensive manner. We guarantee full technical documentation, delivery of materials and performance of installations works, their supervision and quality control.
Our works are also covered with guarantee and post-warranty service.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!
Thermal-Tech Sp. z o.o.

Insulation company Thermal-Tech
Insulation company Thermal-Tech

Dawid Olesiak – President of the Board

Zbigniew Szczepański – Proxy

Rafał Olesiak – Technical Advisor/Project Manager

Kamil Szychalski – Technical Advisor/Design Department

Paweł Matyszczak – Project Manager

Andrzej Fortuna – Project Manager

SCHWARTMANNS JENNYING MACHINE – the machine serves for winding sheet’s edges in and out



SCHWARTMANNS PUNCHING MACHINE - serves for cutting holes in sheets



SCHWARTMANNS ROLLING MILL - serves for winding sheets in

SCHWARTMANNS SHEETER - serves for cutting elements out of a sheet, for the purposes of thermal insulation

G-30-H GAMA – equipment for spraying the foamed polyurethane


ROLLERS - for unwinding sheets from a coil on site