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21 February 2018
Thermal insulation in the Biogas Plant in Darżyno - Poland

Thermal insulation in the Biogas Plant in Darżyno

The project, including the implementation of comprehensive insulation works in the Biogas plant in Darżyno, has been completed...
19 February 2018
Opening of the workshop

Opening of the workshop

Thermal-Tech would like to announce the commencement of work in the newly opened workshop in Częstochowa!

What we do

Thermal-Tech Company specializes in preparation of thermal, fire-protection, acoustic, cold and heat insulation for energetic, refining, chemical, manufacturing, food and construction industries. We have been operating within the insulation market since 2007, making every effort so our clients can be fully satisfied. At the beginning we were a team composed of several persons, realizing minor projects. Currently, we hire almost fifty experienced employees, realizing projects within the EU Member States and outside the European Union.

Since the very beginning of the company’s operation, we have managed to realize numerous projects, where our clients were especially interested in cold insulation – prepared via a method of sprayed polyurethane foam – as well as in thermal insulation. We have realized projects in such countries as Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.
Plenty of them were focused on cold insulation on tanks and pipelines, applied with Armaflex, Foamglass and polyurethane foam material.

Our works covered small and medium-sized industrial realizations, including acoustic insulation of ventilation ducts, insulation of flue gases ducts, tanks, boilers or heating pipelines.

Apart from thermal insulation, Thermal-Tech Sp. z o.o. realizes noise protection systems and manufactures of thermal insulating mattresses.
Such systems are realized not only in industrial facilities but also in the field of construction. Our company is capable of preparing all kinds of protection from excessive noise.
What is more, our offer includes prefabrication of metal guards for insulation, and insulation of attics, flat roofs, storage rooms for fruits and vegetables, or chicken coops and other livestock facilities with polyurethane foam.

Thanks to a perfectly equipped workshop and qualified employees, we can realize any ordered task. We can construct, among others: bends, stilts, tees, constrictions, boxes and many others. Apart from production of metal guards for insulation, we also manufacture thermal insulating mattresses. We employ the best attested materials into the production process. The materials, which we produce the mattresses from, are resistant to temperatures reaching 1200 Celsius degrees, as well as to weather conditions and chemical factors.

Plenty of companies, both from Poland and whole Europe, have already tried our services out. We utilize only the best materials, and our employees hold required qualifications and experience in the profession. In order to guarantee the highest quality of provided services, our employees have access to various trainings and courses, so they can continuously improve their qualifications in the scope of insulation works in industry and construction.

We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

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